Partial Purchase of a Plant

Partial purchase of a plant

Solar parks, following construction and commissioning can be networked for an average of 20-25 years or even more. During this period of time, they provide a predictable fixed income. Therefore, built solar parks are interesting investment opportunities generally purchased by investors aimed at long-term investments such as insurance companies, banks, investment companies and funds. These facilities are often financed with 15% – 30% of external debt, represented by long-term loans or leasing financial solutions.
For cautious investors, it is better to invest in already completed, networked solar parks, to avoid all of the usual risks in granting permits and during the construction period. They also benefit from the optimization of the installation after the first months of implementation and connection, and the consequent correction of any defects in the first running phase.
Today, it has become a relatively common form of equity investment to purchase “shares in solar parks”, starting with minimal investment from € 100,000 upwards. This is an optimal alternative way to invest in solar energy, when the given equity at disposal is not enough for the purchase of a complete plant.
Hereby, you are investing in large solar parks as a co-owner of the installation through the acquisition of shares by direct participation in a connected solar plant. This can be, for example, through the acquisition of shares of a German KG or a Spanish company SL, expecting a return rate of 8% to 10% per year, or more.

Profits from solar plants

The profits from participators are subject to individual taxation. Furthermore, depending on the country, there are interesting special depreciations available to the investor. When taking those into account, the equity investment can be partially realized by saved taxes.
The investors should discuss tax advice with their tax consultants, because Solar Partner does not provide advice of this kind.

Current Investments

Solar Partner offers plants to private investors regularly. Many investors are signing new projects again and again every year. For confidentiality reasons most of these plants may not be posted in the public. Please talk to us individually. We will provide you with the latest proposal.

These are only examples for successfully placed equity investments. The numbers represent the calculated return and the law at the time of placement.
This list is incomplete.
Solar plants that have been funded by a “private placement” may not be listed for confidentiality reasons.


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