Solar Plants Turkey

Solar Plants Turkey

Turkey – The new market for solar plants

Turkey’s market has recently been reoriented regarding renewable energies. The amendment from December 29th, 2010 has created a new market for investors. The law changes from this amendment regulated feed in tariffs for the different classes of renewable energies. Solar energy receives a subsidy of 13.3. US$ Cent/kWh. This law replaced the previous subsidies for renewable energies and is valid for plants that are being connected to the grid until December 31st, 2015. The government may release different subsidies for the connection of plants thereafter. The feed in tariff is valid for 10 years following the plant’s connection. The price is set in US$ to avoid exchange rate variability of the Turkish Lira. There are options to obtain a higher subsidy if components for the construction of the plant are of Turkish origin. The law specifies the following additional subsidies:

  1. Mechanical constructions and substructure for the panels – 0.8 US-Cent/kWh
  2. PV modules – 1.3 US-Cent/kWh
  3. Solar cells – 3.5 US-Cent/kWh
  4. Inverters – 0.6 US-Cent/kWh
  5. Tracking systems – 0.5 US-Cent/kWh

Licences for solar plants

Licenses are needed to operate photovoltaic plants in Turkey. These licenses for the energy market can be applied for by corporations, which are compliant with the Turkish commercial code. Before applying for the approval of a solar plant, monitoring stations have to be installed in the soil. The revision of the application can take 6 months or longer. Plants for up to 1 MW are exempted from this procedure as long as they partially provide energy for own use. Such smaller plants are extremely popular; hundreds of projects are currently being developed.

Solar Partner has many years of experience with Turkey. Our local partner in Ankara has over 10 years experience with renewable project development and has realized over 300 MW.

Solar plants in Turkey

Ref-Nr. Sites Price € € / kWp kWp Type kWh / kWp Status FIT $ Cent Revenue $ Yield in %
TR-SO_01_Uşak-Ulubey/Omurca 2 2000 Ground proj. 2015 13,3*
TR-SO_02_Niğde-Bor-Badak 1 1000 Ground proj. 2015 13,3*
TR-SO_03_Niğde-Merkez-Gölcük 1 1000 Ground proj. 2015 13,3*
TR-SO_04_Konya-Yunak-Merkez 1 1000 Ground proj. 2015 13,3*
TR-SO_05_Mersin-Gülnar-Bozağaç 1 1000 Ground proj. 2015 13,3*

These solar plants are subject to individual confidentiality. Interested parties may inquire documentation on those. Please send us a short message. In addition, we have projects and plants at our disposal for which we can not publish any data at this point. Please contact us should you be interested.


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