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Equity Investment

Investing in a connected solar plant

Investments in solar parks are characterized by a high return and high safety. The reliability of the sunlight and the government guaranteed long-term electricity subsidies, makes solar parks superior as investment opportunities to the traditional capital investments such as retirement and estate planning, rather than classic pension funds.

Capital investments in solar are highly lucrative

This is the main reason why Insurance & Financial Institutions are the largest investors in solar energy nowadays. For private capital investors, we also find the option of investment over mutual funds, from € 10,000. Solar Partner is not active in this segment.

Either by operating a complete solar farm or by capital investment as private placement, both offer excellent returns!

There are two ways to invest:

Recommendation: above 250.000 € equity


Purchase of a complete solar plant

Acquisition of a complete company, with all its contracts – operating licenses, FIT tariff agreements and lease contracts. Full operating responsibility, O&M, asset management, financial operating.
Bank financing, total investment above 1.000.000 €.

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Purchase of share of a solar plant

Direct investment and participation, for example over a German KG or Spanish SL, at an existing solar park for qualified investors. The investor buys the participation, either via direct registration over a company or in a trustee constellation. This allows an early planning of estates and capital inversions looking forward to the inheritance, and can be held as taxed beneficiary assets.

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