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Other regions

The installation of solar plants is booming worldwide. Japan is currently offering very appealing opportunities that are propelled by the forced change away from nuclear power. The growing economies in Asia, particularly in China, require significantly higher energy supply that is partially achieved by solar power. But also emerging countries moved towards renewable energy more and more. In areas with high sun radiation, e.g. latitude 40 degrees and south, solar power can be competitive without any subsidy today.
On a daily basis we are contacted by developers with interesting opportunities from other EU countries like, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, but also for overseas e.g. Middle and South America.
We do not publish information about those projects but we can share our knowledge about these developments with you and we can provide you with projects and contacts.
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Worldwide activities

Our partners have different regional focuses. In general we acting with a mandate, therefore our activities bring us often to new countries or regions. We have, for example, been contracted for consulting by utility companies to analyze the situation in certain countries and to provide a top management presentation. We have a far-reaching knowledge which goes beyond our here described core competence. We are interested to explore new countries and markets together with manufactures of components, developers or investors.
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