Solar Plants in Germany

Solar Plants in Germany

Investing in solar

The development of solar energy has also become a substantial pillar of energy supply in Germany. Given the turmoil at financial markets now days, financial and private investors are looking for alternative investments and opportunities. Investing in a solar or a solar park fulfills the increased need for a secure and predictable investment. The solar energy will emerge as a clear winner from the financial crisis.

More than ever, now is the right time for investments in solar installations and solar parks. The investment in solar will continue to rise. The future energy supply will continue to consist of a mix of energy sources. However, no alternative method dominates that of renewable energy. Their share of total electricity production is growing rapidly in comparison to the decline of coal and nuclear power.

Building solar plants becomes more and more cost-efficient

According to a study of the German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE) green energy could cover about 47% of German electricity demand accounted for in 2020. Germany is a world leader in photovoltaics. The instrumental Renewable Energies Act (EEG) pertains to this subject; it requires and obliges power utilities to purchase the generated solar energy electricity from German solar parks and systems. The tariff is fixed for 20 years after connection and establishes a fix calculable revenue stream for the owner of the solar plant.

Solar plants in Germany are attractive

The decided degradation of the tariff for free land solar plants make the new construction of such parks appear increasingly unattractive. However, projects are increasingly being implemented in which the sale of the power is regulated through a long-term contract with an energy supplier or consumer, known as a power purchase agreements (PPA). Through these means, the larger outdoor plants in Germany remain appealing investments. Previously connected plants, and existing installations that have been on the grid for 1-3 years are currently in very high demand, and have appealing returns. These systems are usually sold with bank debt contracts in place, so that the investor must only provide the equity portion of the purchase. The demand is higher than supply for these types of systems, making good parks of this kind turn over to a buyer quickly.
Furthermore, the roof systems are also a popular investment due to the higher level of income that they generate. These systems are additionally attractive due to the reduced costs of utilizing the self-generated electricity compared to that provided by the utility companies.

Solar Plants in Germany

Development of the Feed In Tarif for photovoltaics – Overview – all numbers in €-Cent/kWh

Roof plants 1.7.2013 1.10.2013 1.1.2014 1.4.2014 1.4.2015
– 10 MW 10,44 9,88 9,47 9,23  8,63
– 500 kW 12,75 12,08 11,58 11,23 10,85
– 40 kW 14,30 13,54 12,98 12,60 12,12
– 10 kW 15,07 14,27 13,68 13,28  12,47
Freeland plants – 10 MW 10,44 9,88 9,47 9,23 8,63

Current Offers in Germany

Ref-Nr. Sites Price € € / kWp kWp Type kWh / kWp Status FIT € Cent Revenue € Yield in %
D-G01K0315 1 1904000 1120 1700 Ground 968 con: 4/2014 9.19
D-G011114 1 6300000 938 6717 Ground 907 proj. 6/2015 8.6 511528
D-R02K0315 1 384370 1190 323 Roof 972 proj. 6/2015 10.9
D-R03K0315 7 2000 Roof 935 proj. 6/2016 10.9

These solar plants are subject to individual confidentiality. Interested parties may inquire documentation on those. Please send us a short message. In addition, we have projects and plants at our disposal for which we can not publish any data at this point. Please contact us should you be interested.


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