Capital Investment Atum 1


Information on an opportunity to participate directly in an electricity-producing solar farm in Spain with an output of 3.4 MW. The electricity tariff is legally guaranteed in accordance with royal decree No. 661/2007.

Key data:

Overall investment: 24.914.200 Euro
External financing: 16.250.000 Euro by the Spanish subsidiary of a large German leasing company
Capital contribution: 10.250.000 Euro
Minimum participation: 250.000 Euro plus 3% agio
Dividend per year:   from 10,0% up to  26,8% after tax with progressive participation.
Investment period: 24 years plus 10 years option, exit possible from 2014 onwards
Liquidy reflow: 324% plus proportional in the residual value – approx. 10.000.000 Euro
after 24 years.
Power tariff legally
0,47 Euro rising to 0,75 Euro (2033) assuming 2% index-linking p.a., 0,60 Euros assumed for subsequent years (option)
Annual power yield 2,665 Mio. Euro (2010) rising with 2% assumed index-linking p.a.
(see power tariff) up to 3,95 million Euros (option)
Subscription: up to 31.12.2009 – premature closure if the capital contribution is reached
Early subscription bonus Interest of 7,5% p.a. calculated daily as soon as the money is credited to the fiduciary´s account

The facts and figures for the Atum Ⅰ KG solar farm are calculated values. For the final calculations please see our participation brochure, which you can request via our contact form


Atum Ⅰ solar farm in Merida

The technical realisation was performed by Solvest Solar Construcciones Fotovoltaicas S.L., which belongs to the Bayerische Landessiedlung Group.

Construction is to the most modern standards. Module installation was performed by Sierra Electrificationes S.L., an experienced solar construction company. The entire construction phase was managed on-site by an internal German energy engineer. Quality components with CE and TÜV certification were exclusively used.
The capacity of the modules used is guaranteed for 25 years and will be 90% after 10 years and 80% after 25 years. The power inverters are included in the maintenance charge.

Overall, monocrystalline modules and 100kW power inverters were used. The mounting system is a fixed installation. The modules are aligned with an angle of 30° towards the south. Two modules at a time are mounted upright on top of each other on the support frames.

The operating company has insured the Atum Ⅰ solar farm to the normal extent with a loss of revenue / business interruption policy and insurance against theft in conjunction with a surveillance system and a security service.
The Merida location is situated in one of the sunniest regions in Spain.
The Atum Ⅰ solar farm was connected to the power grid in September 2008. since then the farm has been delivering power which is remunerated monthly.

The power remuneration agreement has been concluded for 25 years from initial commissioning with Endesa on the basis of royal decree 661/2007. Subsequent to this there is a legal provision for further operation.