Solar Plants Italy

Solar Plants Italy

Italy offers exellent conditions for solar plants

High solar radiation, high energy prices and attractive conditions of funding: These favorable conditions characterize the Italian photovoltaic market and promise high investment returns with the production of solar energy. Meanwhile, Italy has grown up to be the second largest PV market in Europe.
In southern Italy, the solar radiation intensity is particularly high; it reaches a global radiation that is up to 80% higher than in the sunniest locations in Germany. Due to these outstanding figures, Italy is one of the most important future markets for investments in solar energy systems in Europe.
The in June 2011 new release of the state solar energy program “Conto Energia IV”, supports with continuity the solar power in Italy with a guaranteed feed-in tariff. After the installed capacity in Italy almost reached in 2010 the upper limit of 8,000 MW, the new program has set a new expansion target of 23,000 MW up to end of 2016.
The Conto Energia V regulates since August 2012 a regular reduction in scale of the feed in tariff rates. From 2012 on is planned a semi-annual reduction.
The compensation will be paid for 20 years and stay constant in this time period. Solar plant operators receive additional revenue from the regular electricity sale besides the funded FIT. New projects are financially not very attractive anymore due to the large decline of the tariffs.

Higher subsidies for roof plants

The funding level is based on the PV system size and also depends on whether PV modules are installed on buildings or on open fields. Maximum feed in tariff are valid for small installations and roof systems.

Italy remains an attractive choice for investors

There are a number of connected parks which are 2-4 years old. Those parks produce high returns but are generally financed with less bank debt. The purchase of grid connected solar parks is now the ideal moment to take a quick decision in order to secure a good investment in the booming Italian solar market! We have very good solar parks for offer that we have built with our local partners. These solar installations are now available for sale. Due to quick changes in the situation, please ask us for our current offers. We are happy to advise you in detail about our activities and solar plants in Italy. Please feel free to contact us!

Solar plants in Italy

Ref-Nr. Sites Price € € / kWp kWp Type kWh / kWp Status FIT Cent Revenue € Yield in %
IT-3PU120151-95 2 4161574 4121 1009.9 Ground 1450 con: 2010/11 32,3* 537000 12.9
1 3622044 3859.8 938.4 Ground 1450 con: 2011 31,8* 485400 13.4
IT-3UMTU120151-66 2 2850000 2513.2 1133.84 Roof 1150 con: 06/2012 28,7* 440393 15.5
1 1200000 2400.4 499.92 Roof 1099 con: 08/2012 23,7* 158411 13.2
IT-2BA120151-97 1 2250000 2280.3 986.7 Ground 1332 con: 10/2011 21,4* 341714 15.2
1 2220000 2229.6 986.7 Ground 1332 con: 10/2011 20,5* 329885 15
IT-2BA120151-97B 1 2250000 2280 986.7 Ground 1388 con: 10/2011 21,4* 356080 15.8
1 2220000 2250 986.7 Ground 1388 con: 10/2011 20,5* 343754 15.5
IT-6CALA320153-8 6 10900000 2868.4 3800.1 Roof 1223 con: 2010/11 39,1* 2012261 18.5
IT-1RO220150-998 1 1700000 1703.5 997.92 Ground 1293 con: 12/2014 17,1* 297969 17.5

These solar plants are subject to individual confidentiality. Interested parties may inquire documentation on those. Please send us a short message. In addition, we have projects and plants at our disposal for which we can not publish any data at this point. Please contact us should you be interested.


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