Solar Partner offers advice and support in all areas of solar energy. It is important for us to regard the company within its plan as a whole.
This must in turn be integrated into a meaningful strategy. Integrated company development processes are more than just purely project-related developments. We have made it our task to align the company on the basis of a strategy and to profitably support the implementation and rethinking process in the field of renewable energy.

Solar Partner bietet Beratung und Unterstützung auf allen Gebieten der Solarenergie an

Our advisory services comprise:

•     Strategy advice 
•     Organizational diagnoses
•     Development of own solar farms 
•     Planning and support for existing solar projects 
•     Management coaching in change processes

Many financial institutes and also energy concerns are turning to investments in solar farms. For example, we have the task of preparing internal company decision-making, complementing it with expertise, and presenting it to the decision-making body. Examples of successful advice range from the choice of location through investment calculations to the creation of complete business plans.

Solar Partner advises you how to find the best possible solution for your company, taking into account all economic and legal aspects. It is our goal to support you as our customer professionally with your plans and changes.


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