Solar Parks USA

Solar Parks USA

In 2013 the USA have exceeded 10 GW in connected solar parks, for 2014 an additional 6 GW are forecasted. projects with an overall capacity set to grow more than 50 times by 2016. Precisely due to these large PV projects America is ripe for private and institutional investors.
Solar sun energy is currently funded by Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with a general contractual agreement with the local power utilities or commercially credit worthy customer. The conditions vary on the type of customer and the requirements and are generally in line with the current utility rate increase of per KWh over time.

This allows the investors to achieve a very good IRR (Internal Rate of Return), significantly above the actual bond market values.

These conditions are guaranteed for 20+ years and protected by an additional coupling to an inflation index against loss of value: An indirect inflation protection ensures that a proportion of remuneration generally increases with increasing current price

The Southwest has the highest sun radiation:

Solar Partner is specialized in the selection and advising for top institutional investors worldwide. The USA solar market is increasingly winning potential in this area. In comparison, in Germany, the kilowatt-hour for ground fixed installations is promoted over period of 20 years with approximately 22 cents without any inflation protection. And in Hawaii the FIT (Feed in Tariff) for projects up to 500 kW are compensated with a FIT of 18.9 cents plus the annual inflation index increase over the full pay period of 20 years. In the Southwest the Solar Projects are larger from 5MW to 50MW, with over 50GW of projects in the near future timeline.


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