Solar Plants Spain

Solar plants in Spain

Spain is the country with the highest solar irradiation in Europe. With the support of a stable political base integrated into the EEC Spain, the country was able to become a pioneer in the renewable energy market. With photovoltaic modules residing in the ever-present Spanish sun, investment in these systems is an attractive option again. From 2006-2010 Spain suddenly became the world’s largest market for outdoor systems, this was stimulated by high statutory rates of up to 46 cents per kWh. Step by the step these tariffs, regulated by laws RD 661, RD 1578, RD 14, were reduced, until it came to a point where any subsidy has stalled since August 2012. The Spanish government has even introduced limits on the amount of subsidized electricity on parks already installed, and have limited the yield of the entire solar parks. These measures have led to a considerable loss of viability to the point where some investors have practically lost their equity.

Opportunities in the secondary market

Many connected solar farms have been constructed by private investors or funds. After the reduction of compensation, many owners got into a state of financial difficulties; resulting in the fact the many parks are now owned by banks. There, they have been written off and transferred to the Spanish Bad Bank after its founding. After multiple write offs, these parks are now representing new investment opportunity for a completely different price range. Large international investors are investing in Spain again, showing a confidence in the future development of the country. Through the years of presence in the Spanish market Solar Partner has established excellent contacts with banks and politics. Opportunities previously described require high discretion and a prudent approach in the negotiations. Talk to us!

New solar projects

There are currently various large projects to be implemented in Spain that do not receive subsidies, but rather sell electricity directly. Because of the high solar radiation values in southern Spain, and the steep drop in prices for the construction of solar parks, Spain has once again become a pioneer of the next generation of solar parks. We are directly involved in new projects and our partners residing in Spain will provide you with expert advice.

Small self used roof systems

The ever-increasing electricity prices, which have risen up to 23 cents per kWh for standard households, make the use of roof systems to pay off without subsidy and sale to the utility companies. The investment will pay for itself after 5-7 years! Right now a market for such small plants is underway in Spain, but it is currently attenuated by the overall economic situation of households that are in development. In a few years, a solar system installed in a home will be just as natural as heating or air conditioning systems are today. Solar Partner is currently in discussion with some manufacturers of components for the launch of relevant concepts.

Solar plants in Spain

Due to the changing law and the changes in the guaranteed subsidies we can not publish details of offers of Spanish solar plants. Our many year presents in Spain has provided us with excellent knowledge of existing plants and direct access to the owners. Many owners and banks are highly motivated to sell and are accepting offers. Please contact us. We will explain the situation to you.


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