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Solar Partner is sucessfully specialized in these areas since years

We support many customers through their entire change process – from strategic alignment through to operative implementation.We also often support our customers’ individual project phases and side projects.
In both cases, our advice based on experience leads to optimum results. We emphasize the importance of the intrinsic value and the sustainability of our work, especially since the field of renewable energy is our future, and therefore of great importance.
As an independent consultant, we analyze strategic and general operative conditions on behalf of the customer and exclusively for their benefit and develop and implement targeted strategies and measures.
We are responsible for the targeted and punctual performance within budget of complex construction projects in the field of solar farm plants, solar farms and large-scale industrial solar roof systems, and also successfully actualize their financing and sale.

An investment in solar is an investment into a green and better future.

Project development

The project planning phase is done before construction actually starts. In this phase, the project developer compiles all of the details that are prescribed by the authorities for construction and subsequent operation of the plant.
This phase varies complexity depending on the country, but consistently takes up a lot of time and capital. It involves land purchasing, supply points with approval, energy supply contracts, technical planning, approval, environmental authority, operators’ licenses, company foundation, etc. The external costs for specialist planners, lawyers and authorities quickly amount to six-figure totals for medium-sized plants between 1 and 5 MWp. There are a few projects that never receive final approval.
In previous years, a market price has developed for fully approved projects. This amounts to between 50 Euros and 150 Euros per approved kW; sums in excess of this have also been paid in individual cases. Assuming a price of 100 Euros per kW, you could expect project rights for approximately a 3 MWp plant with 300.000 €.
Some countries require a bank guarantee in order to proceed the license. This guarantee serves the countries as security that an approved project also definitely finds an investor and is executed, causing a temporary liquidity issue but not a being permanent cost factor.
The period of time between the initial search for a suitable location and the release of the final construction permits can last between 9 and 18 months. For rapid investment plans, acquiring a ready-made license is worth considering, as long as the project developer’s price demands are realistic.


Project management

The management of complex projects is one of Solar Partner’s core capabilities. The number, the complexity, and the significance of projects are increasing for many of our customers; these ever-faster changes taking place in the field of renewable energy are becoming apparent here. Setting up projects appropriately and successfully concluding them within the planned time frame with the planned budget is thus, a central success factor.
This is, however, becoming an ever greater challenge for many companies: funding agencies are working at full capacity, projects are dependent on one another, implementation deadlines are extremely ambitious and projects are increasingly demanding inter-divisional initiatives.
Solar Partner makes a point of ensuring that the construction of a solar plant is transferred to an external, experienced and competent building contractor. We have a series of qualified external general contractors who have long-term experience in the construction of solar farms on site at the selected location.
Solar Partner advises the investor in every case to acquire a project manager during the construction phase to supervise the implementation and the approvals. Construction time is typically one month per 2 MW plus a month for preparing the plot of land.

Asset management

A solar plant transfers to normal operation following its’ connection to the grid. In order to assure a smooth operation over years it is necessary to provide both a qualified business and technical management. The management experience gained from our own plants has enabled us to provide technical and business management as a service to others.

Expert opinion

The operation of a plant has to be monitored constantly; there are opportunities for optimization in most cases, especially in respect to harvesting of the plant. We have qualified specialists on our team for technical analysis or an expert opinion of the plant, and a business and financing verification. We have been working with sworn experts for years and we are happy to establish a contact for you, should an official appraisal become necessary. An expert opinion becomes important to assess the value of the plant, especially for sales.


Solar Partner offers advice and support in all areas of solar energy. It is important for us to regard the company within its plan as a whole.
This must in turn be integrated into a meaningful strategy. Integrated company development processes are more than just purely project-related developments. We have made it our task to align the company on the basis of a strategy and to profitably support the implementation and rethinking process in the field of renewable energy.


Our advisory services comprise:

•     Strategy advice 
•     Organizational diagnoses
•     Development of own solar farms 
•     Planning and support for existing solar projects 
•     Management coaching in change processes

Many financial institutes and also energy concerns are turning to investments in solar farms. For example, we have the task of preparing internal company decision-making, complementing it with expertise, and presenting it to the decision-making body.
Examples of successful advice range from the choice of location through investment calculations to the creation of complete business plans.
Solar Partner advises you how to find the best possible solution for your company, taking into account all economic and legal aspects. It is our goal to support you as our customer professionally with your plans and changes.


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