You want to sell your solar plant?

Unlike for real estate, there is no central listing service (MLS) for solar plants. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to decide on the right partner with whom to make a contract to instruct the sale of your plant

In general, there are always two parties involved in a transaction of a solar plant:

  • One seller’s representative
  • One buyer’s representative

Sales are made either through a Share Deal or an Asset Deal. In a Share Deal the sales are through the sale of the company that owns and operates the solar plant by assigning the shares to a buyer. Whereas an Asset Deal involves selling all assets, lease contracts, licenses, contracts with the buyer of the power, maintenance contracts, manufacturers warranties, etc. A share deal is substantially easier and faster to close and therefore generally the preferred means of a transaction. In an Asset Deal all contracts have to be changed to the name of the new owner. In particular major issues can arise with the bank loan contracts.
Sales of solar plants can be good compared to the sales of companies. Accordingly the seller has to be very particular when selecting his representative. It is essential that the representative has demonstrated extensive experience.

Solar Partner has been specializing in the sale of solar plants for over 8 years. Because of our market knowledge, we can estimate a realistic market value of your solar plant very quickly. The market value is subject to constant changes; they are influenced by buy inventory and demand, but also by the political situation, interest level and currency exchange rates.

We would like to do a non-committal first conversation with you. Please contact us.

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