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Energy Transition

Renewable energies replace fossile and nuclear power

Renewable energy, regenerative energy, and alternative energy are noted for their ability to produce energy which is virtually inexhaustible in the context of the human lifespan, and that is able to regenerate its source relatively quickly. This is what sets them apart from the fossil energy sources that only regenerate over a multimillion-year period. In addition to higher energy efficiency, renewable energy sources represent the most important pillar of sustainable energy politics and changing energy policies. These energy sources include hydropower, wind energy, solar radiation, geothermal, and renewable raw materials. The term “renewable energy” is not to be understood in a strictly physical sense. This is due to the fact that the energy conservation law, states that energy is neither, destroyed nor created, but rather converted into different forms.

Solar energy is our future

solar-aktienkursThe sun is vital for the existence of biological life on earth. Energy is an essential component that allows mankind to live. It provides the basis of everyday life and is essential for the growth of the economy. Solar energy uses the energy of the sun, which reaches the earth as electromagnetic radiation, and is perceived by us as heat and light, producing warmth and electricity. The sun is a long-lasting, natural, and renewable energy source. Since the sun’s energy levels have first been measured, the values have remained consistent, which assures the sun as a potential provider for energy with a promising future.


Solar Partner – the company

We are a global provider of solar plants and solar services

With innovation, we create the basis for advanced modern solar development. From planning to the sale of solar farms you are on the right track with us. We work flexibly and quickly together with our customers to meet the growing demand in the field of renewable energy.